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Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter for Non-metal

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Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter unlocks endless creativity for Non-metal materials. Precision cutting is at your fingertips. Click to explore now!


CO2 Laser Cutter Side DesignCO2 Laser Cutter Laser Tube SetCO2 Laser Cutter Back Design







CO2 Laser Cutter Control PanelCO2 Laser Cutter ButtonCO2 Laser Cutter Integrated Water Chiller







CO2 Laser Cutter Blade TableCO2 Laser Cutter HeadCO2 Laser Cutter Laser Tube Set

Why Choose Us

1. Split structure – After disassembly, the container can be divided into three layers.

This means we can make full use of container space, which in turn saves you shipping costs, especially for bulk purchases.Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter Split structureOptimal Container Space Utilization: The split structure of the laser engraving and cutting machine allows it to be disassembled and packed into three layers within a container. This maximizes the utilization of container space, ensuring efficient packing and transportation. – Cost-Efficient Shipping: By fully utilizing container space, shipping costs are reduced. This benefit is particularly advantageous for bulk purchases as it minimizes the number of containers needed for transportation, resulting in significant cost savings. – Ideal for Bulk Orders: The split structure is tailored for bulk purchases, offering both space optimization and cost-effectiveness. Customers can easily visualize the value proposition: efficient packing, reduced shipping expenses, and enhanced affordability for large-scale procurement.

2. Open funnelrs – Convenient for waste cleaning and removal of fallen parts.

This means you can process waste more efficiently and save time. Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter Open funnelrsEnhanced Waste Processing Efficiency: The open funnels featured in the laser engraving and cutting machine facilitate efficient waste management. These funnels allow for easy collection and disposal of waste generated during the cutting and engraving process, streamlining waste processing procedures. – Time Savings: With the open funnels, waste cleaning and removal of fallen parts become more convenient and less time-consuming. Operators can quickly clear away debris and discarded materials, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. – Convenient Maintenance: The design of open funnels not only improves waste management but also simplifies machine maintenance. Easy access to the waste collection areas makes routine cleaning and upkeep more straightforward, ensuring smooth operation and prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

3. Shared air duct for upper and lower ventilation – Inclined surface multi-space ventilation.

This means more efficient smoke extraction, minimizing pollution, especially for families with many children. Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter Shared air duct for upper and lower ventilationEfficient Smoke Extraction: The shared air duct system in the laser engraving and cutting machine ensures efficient extraction of smoke and fumes generated during operation. This feature facilitates the removal of pollutants from the working area, enhancing air quality and safety. – Minimization of Pollution: By incorporating inclined surface multi-space ventilation, this machine effectively minimizes pollution. It efficiently directs smoke and fumes away from the workspace, reducing the environmental impact and creating a healthier working environment. – Family-Friendly Design: The emphasis on efficient smoke extraction and pollution minimization makes this machine particularly suitable for families, especially those with children. It provides peace of mind to users by offering a cleaner and safer operating environment, aligning with the health and safety concerns of families.

4. Sheet metal structure bed design – The operation process is smoother and the processing accuracy is higher.

This means that the cut graphics are more detailed and clear, maximizing your experience. Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter Sheet metal structure bed designEnhanced Graphic Detail: The sheet metal structure bed design of the laser engraving and cutting machine ensures that cut graphics are exceptionally detailed and clear. This feature contributes to a superior finished product, allowing for intricate designs to be accurately replicated with high precision. – Improved Operational Experience: With the sheet metal structure bed design, the operational process of the machine becomes smoother. This results in a more user-friendly experience for operators, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively without encountering unnecessary obstacles or interruptions. – Higher Processing Accuracy: The sheet metal structure bed design also leads to higher processing accuracy during operation. This means that the machine can achieve precise cuts and engravings consistently, maximizing the quality of the end product. Customers can expect superior results with minimal errors or imperfections, enhancing overall satisfaction with their experience.

5. Genuine American II-IV Focusing Lenses – More Durable.

Genuine American II-IV Focusing Lenses Advantages: a. High quality crystal. The material is high quality and beautiful. Coating reduces laser loss. b. Exquisite coating technology. Double sided solid coating. Resistant to wipes. Extended durability. c. High processing precision. Precision slicing, polishing and grinding processes. High temperature resistance and laser resistance. … …

6. Exquisite and Adjustable Laser Head auto focus optional – Safe operation improves work efficiency.

Exquisite and Adjustable Laser Head auto focus optional Advantages: a. Made of aluminum with black oxide coating. b. The mirror base has adjustable mounting holes. c. Integrated fixture laser head with air-assisted nozzle. d. Concentric rings lock the precise optical path of the lens barrel. e. With the auto focusing function, the machine can automatically and quickly adjust the focus to the most appropriate position when processing work pieces of different materials and thicknesses. … …

7. Famous CDWG Laser Tube – Extra long warranty period (12 months).

Famous CDWG Laser Tube Advantages: a. Reliable laser tube brand for more than ten years. b. Beam quality of TEM00 mode is over 95%. c. The world’s most advanced nuclear radioactive material coated lenses. d. Direct sintering process of laser tube metal head and glass improve the stability of installation. … …

8. Integrated Built-in Cooling System – Built-in Water Chiller.

Integrated Built-in Cooling System Advantages: a. Built-in safety protection. b. Low noise. c. Power saving and durability. d. Prolonging the service life of equipment. e. Easy to operate. … …

9. Multilingual – Diversified language control system – Ruida Control.

The machine adopts Ruida control system with built-in multiple language: Diversified language control system - Ruida ControlMultilingual

10. Safer –  Fireproof tempered cover glass.

Fireproof tempered cover glass Advantages: a. It is convenient to observe the effect. b. High temperature resistance (300 ℃) c. Avoid damage from laser sources … …

11. Convenient Wifi Control – Operate remote by cellphone.

Wifi Control - Operate remote by cellphone Advantages: a. Save cable resources. b. Avoid unstable connections caused by excessive stepping on cables. c. Avoid electric shock safety issues caused by children’s contact. d. More convenient to operate with mobile phone. e. Saving space and time. … …

12. Compatible – Control system is compatible with Lightburn Software.

Control system is compatible with Lightburn Software

13. True – 3 Years True Warranty.

The warranty of the whole machine case is 3 years. True - 3 Years True Warranty



1. Ruida 6445S Control System2. CDWG Laser Tube3. Leadshine Stepper (Servo)Motor
Ruida 6445S Control SystemCDWG Laser TubeLeadshine Stepper (Servo)Motor
4. America Ⅱ-Ⅵ Infrared5. Stable Linear Guide Rail6. S & A Water Chiller(Built in Machine)
America Ⅱ-Ⅵ InfraredStable Linear Guide RailS & A Water Chiller(Built-in-Machine)
7. Air Compressor (Optional)8. CO2 Laser Head Set9. Exhausted Fan 550w
Air Compressor (Optional)CO2 Laser Head SetExhausted Fan 550w
10. Free Tool Box11. WIFI Control Device12. U disk with installation video and software
Free Tool BoxWIFI Control DeviceU disk with installation video and software


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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine



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HIWIN EFR Yongli Raytools

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