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8 Tips You need to Know about Fiber Laser Engraver


Fiber Laser Engraver
Jinan GKE Laser tell you the problems and answers for Fiber Laser Engraver in 8 points.


Problem 1: Can I engrave with a fiber laser?

Answer 1 for fiber laser engraver:

Fiber lasers, also known as galvanometer laser engravers, are used to laser mark and engrave metals and hard plastics. Carbon dioxide laser engraving machines are best suited for processing softer materials such as wood, acrylic resin, and rubber.

Problem 2: Which is better CO2 or fiber laser engraver?

Answer 2 for CO2 or Fiber laser engraver:

If you want to mark metal, you need to purchase a fiber laser. If you want to mark organic materials such as textiles, wood or cardboard, a CO2 laser is the best choice. If your application is metal laser cutting, you will most likely need a high-power CW (continuous wave) fiber laser.

Problem 3: What is the difference between a fiber laser engraver and a diode laser engraver?

Answer 3 for difference between a fiber laser engraver and a diode laser engraver:

Fiber lasers have a fiber source and typically have a wavelength of 1064 nm, which metals readily absorb. Fiber lasers are undoubtedly the best lasers for cutting/engraving metal. Diode lasers have no fiber source and have a wavelength range of 550 nm – 950 nm, suitable for engraving non-metals and metals.

Problem 4: How to make money with fiber laser engraver?

Answer 4 for fiber laser engraver income:

For example:
a. Set up a website to sell laser engraving crafts online.
b. Customized laser engraving services available locally.
c. Create laser related content and become a member.
d. Selling Digital Laser Cutting Files.

Problem 5: How long do fiber laser engravers last?

Answer 5 for lifetime:

100,000 hours
Most online sources claim that fiber lasers can last up to 100,000 hours, while CO2 lasers can last up to 30,000 hours.

Problem 6: Can a fiber laser engrave metal?

Answer 6 for fiber laser engraver metal:

Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking different materials. These machines are primarily suitable for metal, but with a few adjustments you can customize them to mark other materials.

Problem 7: What is the difference between 30w and 50W fiber laser?

Answer 7 for 30watt or 50watt fiber laser engraver:

50w can be regarded as an updated version of 30w. Choose 50w mainly for engraving and cutting. Compared to the 30w, it takes almost half the time to engrave or cut the same material. Of course, it can cut 0.3mm thick silver and 0.5mm thick gold than 30w.

Problem 8: What watt fiber laser do I need?

Answer 8:

Fiber laser application and required laser power range:
Cutting Metal Parts : 1,000W;
Metal Sheets: 500W;
Marking/Engraving Metal at High Speeds: 50W;
Stainless Steel: 30W-50W;
Soft Metal: 20W;
Plastic at High Speeds: 50W;
Rigid Plastic: 30W-50W;
Thin Plastic Sheets: 10W-20W.

In conclusion, GKELaser’s fiber laser engraver can engrave or marking on most of metal material and some non-metal like plastics, ABS, ID card, characteristic, logo, etc. Low price and high quality Fiber laser engraving machine from GKE Laser is waiting for your coming.



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