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8 Tips You need to Know about Laser Cut Acrylic


Laser Cut Acrylic
Jinan GKE Laser tell you the problems and answers for Laser Cut Acrylic Tips in 8 points.


Problem 1: Is acrylic for laser cutting expensive?

Answer 1 for laser cut acrylic cost:

Although acrylic is pricey, laser cutting it is cost-effective due to precision and efficiency. Acrylic’s optical properties and weather resistance are popular. Its durability reduces accidents. In summary, laser cutting acrylic offers competitive advantages in price, properties, ease of use, and safety.

Problem 2: What setting do I use to laser cut acrylic?

Answer 2 for laser cut acrylic setting:

When cutting acrylic, it’s essential to use high power and slow speeds for best results. Additionally, selecting the right laser frequency is crucial. For instance, GS material cuts best at 5,000-20,000 Hz, while XT material should remain under 5,000 Hz. These frequency ranges are chosen based on analysis and testing. Adjustments may vary depending on the specific application.

Problem 3: Does laser cutting acrylic smell?

Answer 3 for laser cut acrylic smell:

Laser engraving on acrylic is safe, particularly with CO2 lasers, renowned for their precision. Moreover, research indicates that these lasers efficiently convert energy into heat, ensuring precise cutting and engraving. Despite potential odors, a well-configured smoke exhaust system effectively eliminates harmful gases, thus ensuring safety. This perspective emphasizes the importance of safety and reliability through proper operation and equipment usage.

Problem 4: How many watts do I need for laser cutting acrylic?

Answer 4 for laser cut acrylic watts:

Laser power for cutting acrylic depends on thickness and production rate. To work efficiently, use lasers with 60 watts or more. Higher power ensures faster cutting and cleaner edges, especially for thicker sheets. This recommendation optimizes acrylic processing considering efficiency, speed, and quality.

Problem 5: What speed and power for laser cutting acrylic?

Answer 5 for laser cut acrylic speed:

With a 50-watt laser, cutting 2mm acrylic is easy. An 80-watt laser, at 80% power and 25 mm/s, cuts 3mm acrylic effectively. For a 50-watt laser, start at 80-90% power and 15 mm/s, increasing speed until penetration stops. These suggestions, based on theory and experience, guide parameter selection for lasers of varying power.

Problem 6: What setting do you cut acrylic on lightburn?

Answer 6:

When cutting acrylic on LightBurn, settings vary depending on the sheet thickness and desired quality. Starting with 4mm acrylic, begin at 50% power and 750mm/min speed, adjusting as needed for smooth cuts. Gradually increasing power helps ensure confidence in cut quality. These recommendations aim to assist LightBurn users in achieving optimal results.

Problem 7: How do you clean acrylic after laser cutting?

Answer 7 for laser cut acrylic cleaning:

To clean laser-cut acrylic, use a non-abrasive cloth such as a non-woven anti-static or microfiber cloth. If dealing with tough stains, apply mild detergent sparingly to prevent damage. Consider the properties of acrylic and any potential residue. Using a non-abrasive cloth helps prevent scratching, while mild detergent effectively removes dirt.

Problem 8: Should you wear a mask when cutting acrylic?

Answer 8:

To prioritize safety when cutting acrylic, it’s essential to wear masks and goggles to prevent inhaling harmful fumes. Additionally, toxic elements like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can lead to headaches and respiratory problems. Therefore, wearing protective gear reduces the risk of inhaling these substances, ensuring personal health and safety.

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