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10 Points You may want to Know about Wood Laser Cutter

Wood Laser Cutter

Jinan GKE Laser tell you the problems and answers for Wood Laser Cutter in 10 points.


Problem 1: How much does a wood laser cutter cost?

Answer 1 for wood laser cutter cost:

As for now, wood laser cutters cost $500 to $4,000 for CO2 lasers. However, diode lasers typically cost $300 to $1,000.

Problem 2: What is the best wood laser cutter to cut wood?

Answer 2 for best wood laser cutter:

Speaking from experience, the best wood laser cutting machine is the CO2 laser tube engraver and cutter with the Reci W series. As a result, this top-of-the-line engraving machine features more precise cutting results, an easy-to-use interface, and sturdy construction. Of course, laser machines configured with laser tubes of the EFR F series, CDWG series, Yongli series, and SLW series also have wider applicability.

Problem 3: How thick of wood can a wood laser cutter cut?

Answer 3 for wood laser cutter cutting thickness:

Wood can be laser cut into various thicknesses. From thin veneers to planks up to 30mm thick.


Problem 4: How strong does a wood laser cutter have to be to cut wood?

Answer 4 for strong wood laser cutter:

Generally speaking, cutting thinner wood requires a laser engraving and cutting machine with an output power of at least 50 watts, while cutting thicker wood requires a laser cutting machine with an output power of 100 watts or more.

Problem 5: Is wood laser cutter better to laser cut MDF or plywood?

Answer 5:

No, a plywood laser cutter has a tougher job – Laser cutting plywood is trickier than MDF. Plywood is a less consistent and regular material than MDF, which makes cutting and carving more difficult.

Problem 6: Why can’t fiber laser cut wood?

Answer 6:

The 1064nm wavelength of a fiber laser is partially transmitted through organic structures (such as wood) due to its shorter wavelength. However, when the beam enters wood, its absorption cannot be controlled. This reaction is caused by differences in the wood material.

Problem 7: Can you laser cut wood without burning it?

Answer 7:

You need to adjust the power and speed accurately and it will never leave burn marks due to power and speed. The main cause of burn marks is that the smoke generated during laser engraving leaves burn marks.

Problem 8: Can you paint wood before laser cutting?

Answer 8:

Yes, I painted a lot of paper before cutting. Therefore, I have found that MDF spray paint works well. Foam pads seem to give a smoother surface. In fact, for a good finish, sand with fine sandpaper, paint, dry, sand, paint, dry, sand.

Problem 9: How do you flatten wood for laser cutting?

Answer 9:

Firstly, place the second towel on top of the sheets. Secondly, now iron the sheets using the iron through the top towel for about 5 minutes. Finally, be sure to move the iron evenly across the sheets. You’ll find that your plywood is now flatter and ready for laser cutting!

Problem 10: What wood works best for laser cutting?

Answer 10:

For example:
Hard Maple;

In conclusion, GKELaser’s wood laser cutter is used for engraving and cutting wood or MDF . Low price and high quality wood laser cutting machine from GKE Laser is waiting for your coming.



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